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  • IBM rolls out new generative AI features and models

    Generative AI in production: Rethinking development and embracing best practices One of the largest oil and gas companies has mountains of data and generates more every day. We’re helping the company more easily use and access this data with multi-modal data handling, cognitive search, and semantic modelling, as well as the latest generative AI innovations […]

  • Generative Fill in Photoshop: How to Extend an Image

    Expanding a picture with Photoshop Generative Fill ai They mostly do the job, and are especially impressive given adding them took just a couple of minutes, but we have questions about where that guy’s legs have gone. Instead, try something like ‘wooden picnic bench’ or ‘water fountain’ and Generative Fill will present three AI-generated options. […]

  • Generative Deep Learning, 2nd Edition Book

    Buy Rise of Generative AI and ChatGPT book Online for Peter Lee, a Research ander Incubations at Microsoft, Goldberg a medical and science journalist and Kohane chair of department of medical informatics at Harvard Medical School. Get Mark Richards’s Software Architecture Patterns ebook to better understand how to design components—and how they should interact. Take […]

  • NLP Chatbots: Why Your Business Needs Them Today

    NLP Chatbot: Complete Guide & How to Build Your Own In the context of bots, it assesses the intent of the input from the users and then creates responses based on a contextual analysis similar to a human being. One of the most important things to understand about NLP is that not every chatbot can […]

  • The Amazing Ways Snowflake Uses Generative AI For Synthetic Data

    NVIDIA’s new AI model quickly generates objects and characters for virtual worlds This is even more true in games than in any other field, because games generate tons of valuable data across all their different modalities. No longer do game developers create a game and ship it and move on. You can now constantly run […]

  • 8 Applications of Sentiment Analysis

    Semantic Analysis in artificial intelligence best ATS for startups JobArch These resources simplify the development and deployment of NLP applications, fostering innovation in semantic analysis. Semantic analysis in Natural Language Processing (NLP) is understanding the meaning of words, phrases, sentences, and entire texts in human language. It goes beyond the surface-level analysis of words and […]

  • What is generative AI? Artificial intelligence that creates

    Decoding the Codes: Difference between AI and Generative AI-TECHVIFY One of the fastest to integrate OpenAI seamlessly into their industry was Publer—leveraging the power of generative AI to automate social media content creation. It’s headed by its President and Chairman, Greg Brockman, Chief Scientist, Ilya Sutskever, and Sam Altman, its CEO. Most people don’t know […]